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What is The Edge ?

The Edge is an online video analysis tool, used in language learning.



What are its "unique points" ?

It allows "live analysis" (coding) during a conversation based lesson.
This allows for a very time efficient workflow.


How can it be used ?

  • To analyze the good points and mistakes made in a students speech pattern.
  • For video lessons – Digital Curriculums available (topic based)
  • For speech "testing" purposes.
  • For students "presentation" practice.
  • For self review purposes.
  • For pronunciation practice.


Who is it useful for ?

  • Teachers who want to own and run their own business.
  • Universities and schools who would like to use The Edge technology within their current learning center.
  • School owners who would like to create a "physual" school. (Physual means a school that is both physical and virtual)
  • Teachers who would like their school to be only virtual (online)



Key features

1. The Analysis software includes:

  • Online video lesson
  • Live analysis of speech pattern – unique feature
  • Live screen capture
  • On screen "notes" feedback and live discussion
  • Video sharing


2. The Studio software includes :

  • My Dashboard – which is an overview of your site's data and status.
  • My Files - save all your edited and full videos to this area. Teachers and students can view the lessons multiple times and make live comments while holding discussions online
  • My Teams and My Groups – showing thumbnail access to all your members and their activity history
  • My Sponsorlink - advertise your sponsors logos and links here, and make information and videos available to non members without them having to register to your site
  • My Calendar – keep your staff and students up to date with what's going on on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Alert them to any new events or changes.
  • My Messages - email function. Enables you to send specific email alerts to individual students. Send group emails.
  • My Questionlists – prepare homework for students based on the video lesson's new vocabulary. Students can write sentences and input stats online for tests and surveys.
  • My Portfolio – Input a variety of data and analyze with graphs and averages. Import and Export data from Excel ,... good for test scores, etc.
  • Privacy – students and teachers both have secured password access.
  • "Skin" – your site can be "skinned up" with your companies own logo and corporate ID colours.

All the above features are interactive for both student and teacher.

Pricing (for pricing, please contact us)
Technical Requirements

One Month FREE DEMO – please contact us


.........give yourself the edge

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